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The Albert and Jessie Danielsen Institute at Boston University


Site Project:

Flourishing and Virtue in Contemporary Relational Psychotherapy

Primary Investigator:

Dr. Steven Sandage

The Danielsen Institute is the administrative center for this project and has an overall mission to alleviate suffering and to promote healing, growth, and change in the persons, communities, and institutions. This mission is pursued through clinical service, training, and research emphasizing empirically-supported relational approaches to depth psychotherapy and are informed by spiritual, religious, existential, and cultural perspectives on virtue, well-being, and meaning in life. The Danielsen Institute clinic is an outpatient community mental health center located on the campus of Boston University (but serving the wider community) with a multidisciplinary staff of psychologists, social workers, couple and family therapists, and psychopharmacologists. Research at Danielsen is led by Dr. Steven Sandage. The clinic provides over 10,000 hours of direct clinical service to over 300 clients each year, with half of its clients receiving fee reductions and subsidies due to economic need. Clinical staff also serve as training faculty and clinical supervisors for an interdisciplinary training class. The clinic is an APA-approved training site for pre-doctoral psychology internships and continuing education for psychologists, and is affiliated with and provides clinical training within the Solihten Institute, a network of over fifty mental health clinics with over 750 providers around the U.S. Dr. Sandage also provides annual training in Scandinavia through the Religion, Values, and Society Institute.

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